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Every day, medical research helps save and improve the quality of life for countless people. But the heroes behind medical research aren’t just the scientists working to treat and prevent healthcare problems. They’re the everyday people who step up to say, “I can help.”

We are CCR Studies. We conduct research studies in our community, working with medical practitioners. We offer patient protection, safe studies, and relevant research, helping you have a better, healthier future.

We envision a medical community that contributes to today’s patients as well as to the advancement of the care,  patients will receive in the future.

We are unique in that we offer clinical trials in multi-therapeutic areas.

We understand the decision to participate in a clinical trial is a deeply personal one. Before making this important decision, it’s crucial to understand the difference between standard medical treatment and care during a clinical trial. After you understand and are ready, contact us to see if you qualify.

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OAB Outreach

Groton Seniors 2           Groton Seniors


“Is Your Overactive Bladder Controlling You?”  was the topic at a community education forum CCRStudies recently participated in at the Groton Senior Center. Several seniors were on hand to hear about the symptoms of overactive bladder and to learn …

Hot Flash News

CCRStaff (2)

It was an exciting and informational weekend for the staff at CCRStudies.  The crew visited Dallas, Texas and had the opportunity to attend the Replenish Trial conference.  The Replenish Trial is a medical research study for women suffering from hot …

Ice Bucket Chickens

ice bucket chickens

The Ice Bucket Chickens

Andrea Bartels APRN, one half of the “A” Team at Neurological Group PC in New London, and a member of the CCRStudies research team, is taking an active role in raising awareness of ALS, also known …