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MS Spasticity

Multiple Sclerosis is said to effect over 400,000 Americans.  Worldwide at least 2.5 million people are living with MS.  MS spasticity is a condition in which the individual with MS experiences tightness, stiffness or a pull of the muscles.

CCRstudies currently has a clinical trial underway testing an investigational medication similar to a currently approved medication, Baclofen. The study medication is being evaluated to determine whether an extended release (ER) medication is effective at treating spasticity with a once daily dosing after your evening meal.

If you are taking Baclofen for your spasticity, you may be interested in seeing if you are eligible to participate in the research trial taking place in New London.  Dr. Laurence Radin is the Primary Investigator, assisted by Sub-Investigator Andrea Stewart, APRN. Both are members of the research team at CCRstudies and are members of Neurological Group, PC in New London.

Study medication, study-related exams and lab testing are at no cost.

Contact a member of the CCRstudies team to see if you may qualify to participate in the clinical research trial. 860-443-4567.