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Clinical Trials and You

When filling a prescription at the pharmacy, have you ever stopped to think about how this medication became available to you?  (Probably not, we’re guessing!)

Thanks to clinical research studies, new treatment options for a variety of conditions have become available to people by prescription.  These research studies are overseen by the FDA and closely monitored throughout the duration of the trial.

At Coastal Connecticut Research, our trial participants, people just like you, volunteer for research studies. Their participation ultimately impacts whether or not a study medication will be available for prescription and how that medication may be labeled.  There is no cost to the volunteer to participate, no insurance is needed and reimbursement may be available for time and travel.

Research participation is voluntary. Study volunteers are well informed of the number of office visits they are expected to attend and what each visit involves.  The potential benefits of the study medication and potential side effects are also discussed at the first visit to the research site.

Participation begins with a conversation with a member of the CCRstudies team.  After conducting a thorough telephone evaluation, our staff will confirm whether or not you are eligible to come in for a screening visit.

So, the next time you fill your prescription at the pharmacy counter, please consider how your participation in a clinical trial could someday impact others.

We look forward to sharing more!  Call to speak with a member of the CCRstudies team at (860)443-4567.