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Valentine’s or Galentine’s?

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this month or Galentine’s Day?  And, given the fact we’re still social distancing, how will you celebrate either?

February conjures up a few images in these parts.  Snow….we’ve had a lot of it lately, and of course, Cupid and his arrow.  Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other, or maybe just bestowing someone dear to you with chocolate heart, we wish you happiness. And, for those of you who aren’t interested in the romance but the fun, well, perhaps you are celebrating a virtual event with friends over ZOOM responsibly toasting to Galentine’s.

We’d like to think romance is still alive and well despite the fact the rituals of dating might look different currently.  For those of you who are in a relationship, if things are getting “hot and heavy” so to speak, please keep in mind we’re currently conducting a birth control study evaluating an investigational oral contraceptive for women.  We’d love to tell you more about this study!  Feel free to reach out at (860)443-4567 or email  You can also sign up online at!/study/13.