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Curious About Research?

At Coastal Connecticut Research in New London, we’ve been conducting clinical research studies with community volunteers for over 20 years.  In that time, over 20 medications were approved by the FDA.  We also conduct observational studies on occasion which involve no medication, and studies testing medical devices.  What we do is quite interesting!  Volunteers in the clinical research studies are made aware they are evaluating the product for safety and efficacy.  Any potential benefits, potential side effects, the design of the study, and other details are shared face to face with a study coordinator during the informed consent process.  No one enters into research without being fully informed of just what is expected of them, and how the visits will roll out.

Just like everyone is different, most studies are different. They vary is duration, number of visits, and of course, investigational medications.  There is no cost to participate in a study, and no insurance is needed.  A time and travel reimbursement is available for eligible volunteers, and that varies by study.  When you ask us, “why should I do this?” it’s not up to us to determine your participation.  This is something you choose to do for reasons which might be very personal, or reasons you wish to share with others.  We guard your privacy and your participation is confidential.

We are open and available to having a conversation with you if you wish to learn more.  Call today!  (860)443-4567, or email  We’d love to hear from you!