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Center Overview

Coastal Connecticut Research, LLC (CCR) is managed by Robert M. Spitz, MD. We are a dedicated private clinical research facility. Dr. Spitz, along with other principal investigators and sub-investigators, conducts clinical trials at Coastal Connecticut Research, LLC, in New London, CT. We utilize gynecologists, a neurologist, an internist, a gastroenterologist and a female sexual dysfunction expert as investigators to provide a range of experience.  Our study coordinators are Registered Nurses.

Clinical Research Experience

Dr. Spitz, Principal Investigator at Coastal Connecticut Research, specializes in pharmaceutical clinical trials in the area of Health Care for both women and men. He was one of the first Clinical Investigators to pass the DIA (Drug Information Administration) Clinical Investigator Certification Exam in Washington, D.C., October 2003. Certified Clinical Investigators are pivotal to the drug development process. The DIA states, “This program will provide investigators with the skills and knowledge not only to conduct successful clinical trials but also to do so with credibility. Clinical investigators who complete the certification program demonstrate their commitment to better serving the public and improving patient care.” With 30 active or completed clinical trials,  such as female sexual dysfunction, overactive bladder, fibrocystic breast disease, irritable bowel syndrome and depression, we have considerable experience recruiting, evaluating, and following women (and men) with these complex disorders. Our investigators and study nurse coordinators have the expertise to determine and to assess proper eligibility to ensure accurate study results.

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