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On the Road with CCRstudies

Monday, March 11th, 2019

Coastal Connecticut Research has been busy in the past few weeks as part of the CCRstudies speaker series.  In March we traveled to the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center where Dr. Robert M.  Spitz, our medical director and a primary investigator, discussed the important role women have played in clinical research studies and gave an overview of some of the studies we have conducted at our site. Dr. Spitz also addressed a large group at Waterford Senior Services on the condition of Overactive Bladder,  including signs and symptoms of OAB.  He highlighted some of the products evaluated at our site as part of OAB clinical research trials.  There we some great questions from the group and the event was followed up by a podcast recording on Overactive Bladder for the Waterford Senior Buzz with Kathy Pierce, assistant director for Waterford Senior Services.  Call to learn more about how your organization or group can be a part of the CCRstudies Speaker Series. Call (860) 443-4567 or email MaryLou Gannotti at  Here’s a highlight from the OAB event:

Stay Active – Participate in Research!

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Welcome to New England. If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes!  (Thank you Mark Twain for your inspiration.) Late winter in our region is a combination of snow, slush, sunshine, the occasional warm day and many a cold night.  Has late winter given you a bit of cabin fever?  Why not visit our research site to find out just what we do!

Coastal Connecticut Research in New London would like to invite you to learn more about research. Your role is confidential and there is no cost to participate in a clinical research study. All study-related care is at no cost and reimbursement may be available for time and travel. No insurance is needed.

“Why should I volunteer?”  you might ask.  To this we respond, “why not?”  Volunteering for a clinical research study is doing something beyond yourself.  While you may have a particular interest in evaluating a study product for a particular condition, your involvement in a research trial can have a ripple effect in ultimately helping others.  Have you ever given blood?  Most people give blood because they know someday someone might need it.  In clinical research, our study volunteers evaluate investigational products that might someday be available by prescription to help to treat or alleviate symptoms of common conditions or diseases.  To date, 19 products evaluated at our research site have been granted FDA approval.  We are very proud to be involved in the advancement of medicine through research.

So, if you are feeling like you want to get out of the house, take a break from your regular routine and find out more about research, give our site a call at 860-443-4567 or email

Save the Date! CCRstudies Community Events

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

We are pleased to announce Dr. Robert M. Spitz, our founder, medical director, and prinicipal investigator, will be speaking to community members about clinical research and common conditions that can affect the quality of life.

On Wednesday, March 6th, at 11:30am Dr. Spitz will visit the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center to discuss the important role women play in research.  Did you know just 25 years ago many women did not participate in clinical research studies?  The following day, on March 7th, at 12:30pm, we’ll visit the Waterford Senior Center for a lunch and learn on Overactive Bladder.  The evening of April 25th we will return to the Pawcatuck Senior Center for another presentation of the important role women play in clinical research.  The evening event will give those in the area who were unable to join us during the day the opportunity to learn about the important role women play in clinical research and what is involved in women’s healthcare research.

On Wednesday, May 8th, Diane Palmer, RN will conduct no cost memory screenings at the Public Library of New London from 1-3pm.  These screenings are an important first step in helping to identify possible signs of memory loss.

Coastal Connecticut Research is happy to contribute to the community through outreach, education and no cost memory screenings.  Call to learn more about our programs and events. Ask for MaryLou at (860)443-4567 or email 

Time for You with Dr. Spitz

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Dr. Robert M. Spitz, founder and medical director of Coastal Connecticut Research, will be a presenter at the “Time for Me” Wednesday Wellness series at the Spa at Norwich Inn on February 13th.

Do you wish your health care provider had more time for you to answer some of your questions?  Have you ever wondered about emerging trends in women’s healthcare and women’s healthcare research?  Women play a pivotal role in the advancement of medicine thanks to their participation in clinical research trials.

Dr. Spitz has conducted a variety of research studies on conditions affecting women of all ages including decreased sex drive, overactive bladder, urinary leakage, birth control, endometriosis, hot flashes and night sweats, feminine dryness and painful intercourse.

Dr. Spitz will be discussing the latest research studies at Coastal Connecticut Research as well as how participating in a clinical research study differs from the average visit to your health care provider. The event is not an open forum and therefore pre-registration is required by the Spa at Norwich Inn.  Spa Package Information.

Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Are you a caregiver of a person who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease?  Has your loved one become agitated, moody, and mean at times?  Are yelling, cursing and combativeness part of the daily routine? Almost half of those who have Alzheimer’s disease will develop symptoms of agitation. This can include outbursts, pacing, repetition and other troubling behaviors.  For the caregiver, it’ s a turbulent time.

Research is underway to test an investigational study product for the treatment of Alzheimer’s agitation.  Learn more about research in this field by contacting a member of the CCRstudies team at 860-443-4567.


CCRstudies Speaker Series

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Thanks to the East Lyme Senior Center and thanks all those who attended a discussion on Overactive Bladder (OAB) at the center.  Dr. Robert M. Spitz shared information on the condition of OAB and discussed clinical research trials for OAB for which he has served as primary investigator.

Part of the discussion focused on the fact an overactive bladder is not necessarily an “unhealthy” bladder.  Rather, it’s a bladder that is not receiving the correct signals!  Questions posed to the doctor included “why do I wake up with a soaking wet pad?” “Is drinking wine affecting my need to urinate?” and “how do treatments for other conditions impact my overactive bladder?”

We look forward to continuing the CCRstudies Speaker Series in February at the Norwich Inn and Spa where Dr. Spitz will discuss the important role women play in clinical research trials. The event takes place on February 13th at 6pm as part of the “Time for Me” Wednesday Wellness Series.   

OAB Presentation at East Lyme Senior Center

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Are you a woman who frequently urinates and rushes to the bathroom? Up at night to pee? Leaking?  Overactive Bladder is a real medication condition many women experience.  On Monday, January 14th Dr. Robert M. Spitz of Coastal Connecticut Research in New London will be discussing Overactive Bladder (OAB) at the East Lyme Senior Center at 10:30 a.m.   This educational presentation is part of our commitment to the community.  The event is at no cost and is open to the public. The East Lyme Senior Center is located at 37 Society Road in Niantic in the same complex as the community center.  In his role as a Primary Investigator at Coastal Connecticut Research Dr. Spitz has overseen a variety of clinical research studies on OAB and urinary incontinence.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Happy New Year!  What are your resolutions?  Or, have you decided to trash the resolutions and just do your best everyday? Maybe last year’s list has turned into this year’s desire to be a kinder human being, or more giving.

Here at Coastal Connecticut Research in New London we are grateful each day for those who come forward to participate in research. Our study volunteers give their time to help develop better treatment options for a variety of conditions.  In 2018 many came forward to test study products for conditions such as hot flashes and night sweats, decreased sexual desire, migraine headaches, Alzheimer’s agitation, stress urinary incontinence, diabetic foot pain, multiple sclerosis walking impairment and more.  2019 is another year that holds much promise as we continue to help to move medicine forward one volunteer at a time.

Are you curious about research? Would you like to learn more. Call us!  (860)44304567 or email

Speaker Series

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Dr. Robert M. Spitz addresses a group regarding OAB


How do I know if I have an overactive bladder?  What is an overactive bladder?  Is an overactive bladder a healthy bladder?  These questions and others were addressed recently as part of the CCRstudies speaker series.  Our inaugural event featuring Dr. Robert M. Spitz as our speaker was held at Shoreline Physical Therapy in East Lyme, Connecticut.  Dr. Robert Spitz, primary investigator of our current OAB research study and Medical Director of Coastal Connecticut Research, discussed OAB, urinary urgency and incontinence issues at a lunch and learn held in early December.  Those in attendance, both women and some men, came with questions and were seeking to be better informed about this condition.  Joanne Moore, PT and proprietor of Shoreline Physical Therapy also addressed some techniques to address OAB regarding biofeedback and physical therapy.  The event provided some vital information to those in attendance. Thanks to Joanne Moore for her hospitality and to those who attended this event!

Urinary Incontinence Event

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018


Are you a woman who leaks and has strong and sudden urges to go pee?  Up at night to pee?  Do you urinate frequently?  These symptoms and others will be the topic of a discussion scheduled to take place at Shoreline Physical Therapy in East Lyme on Wednesday, December 5th at noon.  Dr. Robert M. Spitz will be the featured speaker and we encourage you to join us.  Joanne Moore, Physical Therapist, will also share information on treatment for those living with urinary incontinence.  Light refreshments will be served.  We hope you can join us at this event.  Shoreline Physical Therapy is located at 131 Boston Post Road in East Lyme, just past Flanders Four Corners.  See you then!  RSVP.  (860)443-4567.