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Scholarship Opportunity – AFA

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

Attention graduating high school seniors who are college-bound!  The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has a scholarship opportunity for you.  Have you been impacted by Alzheimer’s or another dementia-related illness?  Is there a grandparent, family member or trusted friend who has been living with this dementia impacting precious memories and moments? The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is offering you the opportunity to share your story through an essay telling your Alzheimer’s story. The grand prize winner will be awarded with $5,000 and several runner ups will also receive scholarship awards.  The scholarship form is below:

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America | AFA Teen Alzheimer’s Awareness Scholarship Form (



Gratitude and Thankfulness!

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

November is a month we celebrate Thanksgiving.  How often in your day do you stop and think about all you are thankful for?  Have you ever thought about the difference between being thankful and being grateful?  Is your day so rushed and hurried you don’t have time to stop, reflect, and think about some of the amazing things happening around you, such as the leaves turning color?  Maybe you’re too caught up in trying to get those leaves out of the back yard! Take a moment and challenge yourself to be mindful today.

At Coastal Connecticut Research in New London, we have immense gratitude to all those who give of their time to participate in research.  We really do have some amazing study volunteers and appreciate all of them.  We are also grateful to be part of research which can help to improve the lives of countless Americans through developing new treatments for a variety of conditions.  We are also grateful that during the pandemic, our team was able to continue to come to work, be present, and safely work with our study volunteers in order to ensure study protocols were carried out.

2021 was certainly a challenging year for many, but think about what you may have learned, or how your life may have changed.

As we enter into the holiday season, take time out in your busy day to give thanks that you can make a difference in the world to someone!  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a holiday season where you can be present and enjoy what is happening around you.

Free Virtual Memory Screenings

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is offering free virtual memory screenings. The link below shares further details.  Memory screenings are free, confidential, and are an important part of the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America | Virtual Memory Screenings (


Hot Flash Study in New London

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

It’s 3am. You can’t sleep. Why?  Because you’re hot. Really hot. Covers get thrown off, window’s open (did we mention it’s 50 degree outside and your heat is off?  Well, at least the thermostat is off, you’re on fire.)  Hot flashes. Night sweats.  You have them and they make you feel miserable!

Do you ever wonder why Eve ate that apple?  You would think all the symptoms associated with womanhood and “Eve’s curse” would end once your period did, right?  Well, then menopause comes along to make sure you feel a bit more jumbled.  Menopause, once known as the “change of life” for many women, can signify some major changes with your body. Thanks to hormonal shifts, many women find their internal thermostat set on summertime mode – hot and humid. Lack of sleep thanks to night sweats, embarrassment and discomfort thanks to hot flashes can certainly lead to anxiety during the pivotal time in one’s life.

If you are a woman who has been through menopause (the loss of your monthly menstrual period), and you’re interested in participating in women’s healthcare research, a study evaluating a non-hormonal investigational medication for hot flashes is something you may be interested in learning more about.  Email or call (860)443-4567.  We’re happy to inform you of current research in women’s healthcare.

Arousal Study

Thursday, September 30th, 2021



Cisgender and and those in same sex relationships (AFAB), may be interested in learning more about an arousal study enrolling at Coastal Connecticut Research. An investigational cream being evaluated for women having issues with response and arousal during intimate activities is being trialed.

Researchers recognize love comes in many forms and manifestations.  Email to learn more or call (860)443-4567.

Kids Back to School? Consider Participating in Research!

Thursday, September 9th, 2021

You found out about a study this past summer and eagerly signed up online.  Then you realized, I want to go to the beach.  After the third phone call and email from Coastal Connecticut Research which you didn’t return, you decided maybe participating wasn’t for you.  And then, like that, the kids were back in school, and you find yourself with some time on your hands, your unemployment stimulus has run out, and you’re kind of looking for something to do.  Consider joining a clinical research study!  We understand you have a life – you’re allowed!  We work around your schedule (in our regular business hours, keeping the parameters of the study in mind.)  We know the beautiful days of July and August are often spent at the beach, the pool, or doing fun things with family.  Now that September is here and regular routines have returned, consider giving us that call back – (860)443-4567. We’re happy to tell you more about our research studies.  Email  and let’s get the conversation started. We’re currently enrolling for a variety of trials including studies on birth control, decreased arousal, and many more!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Study

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

OCD: The Quest to Find Treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that occurs when a person gets caught in a cycle of unwanted and intrusive thoughts. These thoughts trigger distressing feelings and causes the person to feel driven to engage in repetitive behavior, compulsions.

Read Elise’s story of her constant battle with harm OCD and how her treatment is helping her get through her daily life.

I put off writing this because I knew I’d never find the perfect words and felt worried that I would hurt the fight for OCD treatment instead of helping it. If I did not think of the perfect words that would inspire the person who will save us all from having OCD, the person that could cure OCD may not be inspired to later cure it, and that would be my fault. That’s my OCD talking. Having OCD leaves me wondering if I will ever reach my full potential. If I didn’t have to fight intrusive thoughts about harm, would I be closer to my family? If I didn’t obsess over things being “just right,” how much more would I accomplish? Could I be the person to cure OCD? If OCD didn’t keep me from being able to choose a graduate school? A career?

I have had some tools that make it easier and more manageable. Therapy has been a huge one. I’ve been in therapy on and off since I was 10 years old. I’m 24 now. I wish I could say that fully fixed it, that it cured me. It didn’t. I can function and enjoy many things in life. I can manage a moderate level of OCD in my day-to-day life. However, when I have a severe relapse, the world stops. I’ve called out of work for days at a time, stopped eating, isolated in my house for weeks. And that happens at least every couple of years, even with all the day-to-day management of therapy and medication and fighting every single day.

And my days are still not easy, there is a lot of suffering still. I spend significant amounts of time thinking about things over and over again that neurotypical people would not. Making decisions is incredibly stressful and difficult for me. And I still have a lot of taboo intrusive thoughts and urges that deeply bother me.

OCD Treatment

Medication is an important tool in keeping the OCD in check enough that I can hold a job and function. I went on medication when I was 20. I went off of it when I was 22 because I wanted to prove I did not need it; stigma had gotten to me. I went back on a new medication when I was 23 and started having a lot of trouble leaving the house again. I have accepted it is something I need right now, possibly forever.
OCD is one of the top ten debilitating diseases according to the World Health Organization. Lost potential is very hard to measure because it is intangible, and we’re measuring something that never occurred. But I imagine the impact is enormous. There are millions of people at home doing compulsions who could be out saving our world, if they had treatment options that worked for them.

We need more tools. So many of my friends with OCD (and honestly, myself) still suffer, even after meds, even after therapy. There are not enough effective treatments out there, and we as a society have not figured out how OCD works. Any additional research and study will help better the lives of the millions living with OCD now, and the millions to come who will develop it.

OCD Research

OCD affects 1 in 100 people. Though there are medications to help treat OCD, many OCD patients, perhaps as many as 40-60%, do not respond to the current medication options. At Biohaven, our mission is to pave the way for new resources and studies so individuals with OCD have more effective treatment options.
We are currently conducting a research study evaluating an investigation medication to potentially treat OCD, with research sites across the country. Learn more about the OCD study and see if you qualify today.

Summer Updates

Thursday, July 8th, 2021

It’s been hot, and are you bothered? What’s got your goat?  Would a research study be something you’re interested in exploring?  We consider many of our studies “quality of life” research trials.  Our volunteers are currently evaluating investigational products for hot flashes, migraines, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, OCD, birth control and decreased arousal.  AND – we’d love to hear from you!  If you are interested in a study, sign up online as a future participant.

It’s been great being out and about this summer attending in-person events and we have more planned!  Join us on Monday, August 9th, at the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center for an presentation with Dr. Robert M. Spitz on Osteoporosis. We are looking forward to this live and local event.

Summer Events

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

It’s summer and things are heating up in terms of community involvement. Visit our booth on June 30th at the job fair sponsored by the Day.  We often attend job fairs because we find people looking for work often are open to learning more about participating in clinical research studies. There’s no cost to participate, reimbursement is available to eligible volunteers, and clinical trials offer no-cost study-related health care.  That evening, we’ll be live on local cable featured on the “Time on Your Hands” TV show hosted by New London’s Karen Paul. (Now, who wouldn’t want more time on their hands, right?)  We’ll be highlighting our enrolling studies and sharing information about what we do at Coastal Connecticut Research.  On August 9th, we’ll be visiting the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center to discuss Osteoporosis with Dr. Robert M. Spitz leading the discussion. Dr. Spitz is our Medical Director and is serving as the Principal Investigator of an Osteoporosis Study at our site.  In the meantime we’re always available by phone to discuss what we do here, so don’t be shy!  Call (860)443-4567 to learn more or email

June is Bustin’ Out!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

It sure feels like summer around here, and June is bustin’ out all over at Coastal Connecticut Research.  We’re out and about this month, back to in person meetings with the M Team, the Southeast Senior Network, and other groups!  Dr. Robert M. Spitz, our medical director, will be speaking at the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center on June 14th at 11am about osteoporosis. Join us!  On Friday, June 18th, from 5-7pm,  we’ll be at the Groton Senior Center for the “Portraits of Life” event, honoring people who lived with dementia. And, of course, we are conducting a variety of clinical research studies for individuals living with osteoporosis, migraines, OCD, Parkinson’s disease or Lewy Body disorder, hot flashes, female sexual arousal disorder, and more!  Community volunteers are needed.  We look forward to getting out in the community and connecting with you.  Call (860)443-4567 to learn more about our site, our research, and our outreach, or email