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Decreased Sexual Desire Study

Ladies – Decreased zest for sex!

Remember desiring intimacy in your newbie relationship with baited breath?

Low Zing- Lack of sexual desire – this can make or break good sex!

Many women over 40 experience this disturbing decreased sexual desire and stop being intimate, this may be caused by changes in their DHEA, known as “the sex hormones.”

Women with decreased zest for sex are wanted to volunteer in a research study to trial a daily cream product to evaluate its impact on sexual desire, interest and satisfying sexual events.
Call Coastal Connecticut Research in New London at (860) 443-4567.

Volunteer today!  Call nurses Kelley or Diane now at 443.4567 to volunteer for the new “desire eval study” in New London.  443-4567. 443-4567.

Local Study Gynecologist: Dr. Robert Spitz

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