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Hot Flashes

If so, you may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study to test the safety and effectiveness of an oral investigational medication for women experiencing on average 7-8 moderate to severe hot flashes per day or 50-60 per week.

In addition, you must be over 40 years of age at the time of your first visit and either:

  • have not had a period for at least 12 consecutive months or;
  • did not have a period for at least 6 months and meet the biochemical criteria for menopause (this is determined through standard laboratory tests) or;
  • have had both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed (with or without hysterectomy) greater than 6 weeks ago.

Study participation lasts approximately 4 months and requires approximately 6 visits to the doctor and 8 phone callss from the doctor’s office.  All study-related office visits, medical examinations, and the investigational medication will be provided to qualified study participants at no cost.

To learn more and find out if you might be eligible, please call:

(860) 443-4567

Study Conducted by: Dr. Robert Spitz, Dr. Edward McDermott

and Merrilyn McNatt, APRN

342 Montauk Avenue New London, CT

You do not need health insurance to participate.