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Vaginal Atrophy

Please Click here to learn more about our vaginal atrophy study: Venus Study РPatient Brochure

Up to 40% of post menopausal women have symptoms of atrophic vaginitis.
Thinning of vaginal tissues after menopause, associated with reduced elasticity and loss of acidity in vaginal secretions, creates an environment that is susceptible to inflammation, irritation, and even infection.

Typically the first symptom noticed is decreased vaginal lubrication, and this may start during perimenopause, before periods have stopped, due to decreased production of estrogen. Eventually, symptoms may include burning, irritation, itching, painful intercourse, and discharge.

Urinary symptoms, including frequency, urgency, pain with voiding, and incontinence may also occur as a result of atrophic changes after the menopause.

Traditionally, vaginal atrophy has been treated with vaginal lubricants or with estrogen. At Coastal Connecticut Research, we are conducting a clinical trial for a major pharmaceutical company on an alternative to estrogen therapy. This study is currently looking for volunteers.