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What’s Happening at CCRstudies

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day as Nina Simone so beautifully sang. 2021 has held hope for quite a few people.
At Coastal Connecticut Research in New London, we are continuing to forge ahead with being on the forefront of a worldwide effort to improve the qualify of life for people living with a variety of conditions.  Clinical research is the pathway to developing new products and treatments for individuals throughout the world.

Recently, a study patient noted how much she has enjoyed participating in research. She said her friends often ask her “why do you do those studies?” and her reply was “why wouldn’t I?”  She noted the interest the medical team takes in her health, the time they take with her to answer her questions on a variety of topics, and the fact she never feels rushed when her study visits are conducted. Women and men from throughout the region have taken the time to help others by participating in clinical research trials.  We thank them!

This year, we are looking forward to launching a variety of new studies at our site.  We encourage people who have questions on research to contact us directly.  You can reach out by phone at (860)443-4567 to talk to a member of the study team, email or even sign up for a study online!/ and we will contact you.  Text the keyword CCR to 74121 and we can also get the conversation started.

Your role in research begins by taking the first step.  We’re happy to share with you what you might be able to expect!

Spring into Research!

Thursday, March 12th, 2020


The daffodils are starting to bud, birds seem to be chirping just a little bit more, spring is right around the corner!  Our volunteers continue to do good things for others by participating in clinical trials.

Here at Coastal Connecticut Research we are excited to share with you some of what will be happening this spring.  We will continue to enroll eligible subjects for a various clinical research trials including studies evaluating investigational products for hot flashes and night sweats, mild cognitive impairment with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and migraines.  A birth control study is also on the horizon.  It’s going to be a busy spring.

Thanks as always to all those who come forward to participate in research.  Your time is truly valued and we appreciate the fact your actions will ultimately help others as new treatments are developed.

Those who are curious about research are welcome to contact us to learn more.  Call today!  (860)443-4567.

August – Looking Ahead

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

It’s August. How did that happen so fast?  We’re wondering the same thing.

After a sweltering July we hope to enjoy some less humid weather but we know those dog days of summer aren’t always predictable.  They say if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait five minutes.

A special shout out to our study volunteers. We know you’re busy with the kids home from school, young adults headed off the college, vacations planned, beaches calling your name – we get it. We also understand some of our volunteers living with Alzheimer’s are dependent upon their caregivers who become an integral part of our research.   We truly want to say thanks for your participation. It means a lot to us and will make a difference in the future of how people are treated.

As we move ahead and look towards fall (it’s inevitable…), we want to share with you some things we have planned.

First and foremost we are looking forward to sharing information with health care providers, elder care workers and you, our community, regarding the ADVANCE Clinical Study for Alzheimer’s agitation.  We’re partnering with the New England Cognitive Center to present information on resources and innovations in the region in regards to Alzheimer’s disease.  This event is planned for the early fall and we’ll keep you posted.

We also look forward to sharing information with you on upcoming studies for hot flashes and night sweats, migraine headaches, urinary incontinence and more.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us to see what’s happening here.  Our number is (860)443-4567.  We’re also very excited people can sign up online to be contacted for a future or enrolling study. It’s just a click away at   Please keep in mind we still believe nothing beats the personal touch, so again, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and reach out.

Enjoy some hot fun in the summertime. We will continue to keep you in the know on all that is happening here.

Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial Announced

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

cropped Radin's Ateam


Adults under the age of 90 who have been diagnosed with mild or moderate Alzheimer’s disease, or undiagnosed individuals experiencing noticeable memory loss may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease currently being conducted at CCRStudies in New London, Connecticut. The study will include a free memory screening.

This clinical trial research program, led by Dr. Laurence Radin of Neurological Group, PC in New London, is examining an investigational medication being developed to slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Fellow researchers include Andrea Bartels APRN, and Andrea Stewart APRN. According to Dr. Radin, “this research will ideally bring us closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s, and will help to give hope to the individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s.” The trial is being sponsored by TauxRx Therapeutics.

More than five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease and there is no cure. Approximately 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have younger onset Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brains nerve cells, resulting in loss of memory, loss of thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes.

“People suffering from memory loss and those around them will tell you how devastating this disease can be,” said Dr. Radin.

CCRStudies is seeking volunteer participants for the current clinical trial. Those who become eligible for the trial will receive study related care and psychological testing at no cost. Reimbursement for time and travel may be available. No insurance is needed to participate in the clinical trial.

For a preliminary phone evaluation, interested individuals can contact CCRStudies at 860-443-4567. Those looking for more information can also visit