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Arousal Study

Thursday, September 30th, 2021



Cisgender and and those in same sex relationships (AFAB), may be interested in learning more about an arousal study enrolling at Coastal Connecticut Research. An investigational cream being evaluated for women having issues with response and arousal during intimate activities is being trialed.

Researchers recognize love comes in many forms and manifestations.  Email to learn more or call (860)443-4567.

What’s FSAD?

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Remember that baby boom everyone was expecting after the pandemic?  That’s because it didn’t happen! Are you curious as to why?  We wonder if FSAD played a role in this.  What’s FSAD you ask?  FSAD stands for female sexual arousal disorder. It’s the inability for a woman to attain and maintain sexual arousal during sexual activity, regardless of the partner’s gender.  It is said 20 percent of all women are living with FSAD.

Coastal Connecticut Research in New London is currently conducting a study for women living with FSAD evaluating an investigational cream.  Those entering the study must be 21 and over in a steady relationship with their partner, and they must be living with FSAD.

We are happy to share further information regarding our enrolling studies. Give us a call today and speak to a member of the CCRstudies team to learn more about clinical research trials, or email