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Migraine Research

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021


Spring has sprung here in New England – but, your migraine is so intense you can’t enjoy it.

Chronic and episodic migraine sufferers sometimes feel as if someone is pounding their head with a baseball bat. Sensitivity to lights and sounds, nausea and intense pain are all part of living with migraines.

Coastal Connecticut Research is conducting a migraine research study where participants will evaluate an investigational purified botulinum neurotoxin for safety and efficacy.  There are approximately 8 office visits during the course of about 28 weeks.  Eligible participants may receive up to $1600 for time and travel reimbursement. No insurance is needed and there is no cost to participate.

Dr. Laurence Radin, Principal Investigator, and Andrea Stewart, Sub-Investigator will work with CCRstudies team members Kelley Sanok, RN and Diane Palmer, RN on the study.

If you want to learn more about research, contact us by phone at (860)443-4567 or email

Local Migraine Clinical Trial

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Migraines aren’t all in your head!  12 percent of the population suffers with migraine headaches. Are you among them?  Sensitivity to lights, sounds, smells, nausea, pain, and the inability for some to focus at work.

Coastal Connecticut Research in New London is proud to be involved in migraine research. Questions about what’s happening in migraine research? We’d love to share with you what we do here. Call (860)443-4567.