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Itching for Romance?

Vaginal dryness affects many women who no longer have their monthly period.   Some women lose their period naturally as a result of menopause, while other women no longer menstruate due to the hormonal changes caused by a hysterectomy.

Some women who once experienced a fulfilling romantic life with their partner may now experience itching, irritation, and painful intercourse as a result of the dryness.

Clinical research is currently underway  in New London testing an investigational medication for the treatment of vaginal dryness.  This medication is hormone-based and administered internally.   Study gynecologists include Robert M. Spitz, MD and Craig E. McKnight, MD, PhD.  Study nurses are Beth Rogers, LPN and Jessie Jellison Hatfield, LPN.

There is no cost to participate in the study, no cost investigational medication, and reimbursement is available for time and travel.  Call MaryLou on the CCRstudies line at (860)443-4567 for further details.

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