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DPN Study

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Over half of all those living with Type II Diabetes will develop DPN.

DPN, or Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, is a condition that results due to chronically high blood sugar levels resulting in nerve damage.  Symptoms of DPN can include pain, numbness and tingling in the feet, discomfort, and burning sensations.  Due to nerve damage, complications can arise for the individual living with DPN.

Diabetes has been described as a global epidemic, with nearly 26 million Americans living with the condition. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and increasing obesity rates are often to blame for the Type II diabetes crisis in the US.

CCRstudies has been enrolling eligible volunteers for a study looking at the effectiveness of a nutritional food in the treatment of diabetic foot pain.  The nutritional therapy, Metanx, is a FDA approved medication containing a combination of the active forms of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These vitamins are said to work together to increase blood flow to the nerves.

Metanx differs from standard over the counter vitamins since it is considered a “medical food.” Medical foods have been specially formulated to address distinct nutritional requirements of a specific disease or condition. Metanx is only available by prescription.

The study team consists of Edward J. McDermott, Jr MD, Laurence Radin MD, Andrea Stewart, APRN, Diane Palmer, RN, CCRC, Jessie Jellison, LPN, CRC and Carol Alexandrescu, MS, CRC.

Those interested in learning more about the DPN study can call 860-443-4567.

Hope for Depression

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Some say happiness is a choice, but those who suffer from depression know it is a debilitating illness that robs you of joy and pleasure. Mood swings, poor concentration, loss of sleep, lethargy, and sadness are some of the symptoms of depression people live with each day. While many suffering from depression seek treatment, some individuals are hesitant or ashamed to seek help. Others might think they are just suffering from “the blues,” not realizing how debilitating their illness has become to them and those around them.

CCRStudies in New London has been given the opportunity to improve the lives of those living with depression through a clinical research trial testing an investigational medication for the disease.

Recently, staff from CCRStudies attended a conference on this investigational medication in Chicago. Diane Palmer, RN, CCRC, and Site Administrator at CCRStudies said “A lot of anti-depressant medications are not effective. When dosages are increased, side effects are also increased.” The investigational medication being tested as part of the depression clinical trial is in a new class of drugs that work in conjunction with antidepressants. Currently, many antidepressant users are prescribed a higher dosage in order to reach the desired effect of their current medication. The investigational medicine ultimately works to halt the use of higher dosing, therefore decreasing the chances of burdensome side effects of some antidepressants.

Carol Alexandrescu, a Clinical Research Coordinator for CCRStudies who also attended the conference notes, “We should all be concerned about depression. One out of two people will be diagnosed with mental illness at some point, and a major depression is a leading diagnosis. By 2020, depression is expected to be second only to cardiovascular disease in disease burden.”

CCRStudies will be looking for volunteers to participate in the clinical research trial for depression in the upcoming months. Study volunteers do not require medical insurance and reimbursement for time and travel is offered. Certified Clinicians Andrea Bartels APRN, Andrea Stewart APRN, and Diane Palmer RN, CCRC, will be conducting depression evaluations and screenings as part of the clinical trial process.


Meet Carol Alexandrescu, MS, CRC

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Carol Alexandrescu, MS, CRC, NCPT,serves as a Clinical Research Coordinator at CCRStudies in New London.

Carol earned her BS and MS degrees at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and has had an impressive career, working both nationally and internationally in the field of clinical research. Her career includes assignments at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as John Radcliffe Hospital in England. Carol is a lifelong learner, and has continued with her professional studies during her career, earning a variety of certifications.

“In clinical research you see the impact of your work,” Carol notes, adding that she loves working at CCRStudies, where her job is extremely varied. “At CCRStudies we are so busy, time flies. I work with patients, I work in the lab, I work with pharmaceutical companies. The variety never gets old.” Carol and her husband Andrei, a college professor, have had the good fortune of having lived abroad in Europe for several years and their two children were born in Switzerland. The family currently resides in the seaside village of Niantic where they enjoy activities such as biking and walking the beach in search of sea glass. The family members are also avid soccer fans.

Carol is often the first point of contact at CCRStudies, conducting initial telephone screenings with patients. Her calm demeanor, sharp intellect, and professional qualifications have made Carol an invaluable asset to CCRStudies.