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Hot Flash Study in New London

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

It’s 3am. You can’t sleep. Why?  Because you’re hot. Really hot. Covers get thrown off, window’s open (did we mention it’s 50 degree outside and your heat is off?  Well, at least the thermostat is off, you’re on fire.)  Hot flashes. Night sweats.  You have them and they make you feel miserable!

Do you ever wonder why Eve ate that apple?  You would think all the symptoms associated with womanhood and “Eve’s curse” would end once your period did, right?  Well, then menopause comes along to make sure you feel a bit more jumbled.  Menopause, once known as the “change of life” for many women, can signify some major changes with your body. Thanks to hormonal shifts, many women find their internal thermostat set on summertime mode – hot and humid. Lack of sleep thanks to night sweats, embarrassment and discomfort thanks to hot flashes can certainly lead to anxiety during the pivotal time in one’s life.

If you are a woman who has been through menopause (the loss of your monthly menstrual period), and you’re interested in participating in women’s healthcare research, a study evaluating a non-hormonal investigational medication for hot flashes is something you may be interested in learning more about.  Email or call (860)443-4567.  We’re happy to inform you of current research in women’s healthcare.

Hot Flashes/Night Sweats?

Monday, August 19th, 2019

It’s hot.  It’s really hot.  It’s August.  The heat and humidity can be oppressive.  Are you dreaming about winter, not because you like the snow, but because you want to cool off?  But then again, maybe those hot flashes and night sweats are still doing you in even in the winter.

Bothersome hot flashes and night sweats can plague women for over a decade after menopause.  Are you one of these women who finds herself tearing off layers because you can’t cool off?  Tossing off the covers at night?  Interrupted sleep due to night sweats?  Embarrassed by sweat pooling on your upper lip?  It’s the pits!  (And speaking of the pits, those stains in your shirts are also quite horrifying!)

Coastal Connecticut Research in New London has been conducting clinical research studies for 20 years.  The studies we conduct deal with real life issues real people like you are facing.  Clinical research plays an important role in the future of medicine.  Our research volunteers have made a huge difference in how people are treated for a variety of conditions.

We are currently conducting a hot flash study in which volunteers will evaluate a non-hormonal investigational study product for hot flashes and night sweats. Those interested in learning more about what being a participant in a clinical research study involves are welcome to contact a member of the CCRstudies team to learn more at (860)443-4567.

Living Life with Hot Flashes?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Are frequent hot flashes making you sweat and interfering with your daily routine?  You may qualify for The Hot Flash Study.

About Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Hot flashes are sudden feelings of feverish heat, frequently accompanied by a flushed face and sweating, that are most often associated with menopause or post-menopause.

If you are a woman who experiences frequent hot flashes, you may feel that your condition is an obstacle to your daily activities.  Symptoms may be uncomfortable, and their inconvenient timing may feel out of control or even embarassig.

Hot Flash Stats

2 in 3 women experience hot flashes in their life

Hot flashes can continue 5+ years after menopause

The average hot flash is 4 minutes long

For many women, hot flashes are most troubling at night when it can be difficult to sleep.

The CCRstudies team would be happy to share more information with you regarding The Hot Flash Study. Call (860)443-4567.

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